Spirit Goth Cassette Club // CASTLEBEAT: Vintage Flowers

Spirit Goth's Cassette Club which started back in January 2019, keeps delivering the goods, and it's ready for its eleventh installment. Following previous entries from High Sunn, Vansire, Frankie Cosmos, Bilinda Butchers and more, November's edition comes from CASTLEBEAT and the Vintage Flowers EP, originally released in 2016, paired with new tracks on side B, Telephone, East Coast, and a special new piece.

Bringing forth some of the currently most eclectic lo-fi indie rock, the monthly tape subscription service adds even more taste and cultivation to Spirit Goth's niche and enjoyable catalog, as Josh Hwang, the creative force behind CASTLEBEAT and founder of Spirit Goth, is one of those leads who keep the DIY torch aloft.


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Spirit Goth Cassette Club


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