Sapphire Blues: Good Morning Britain

Quite far from the underground scene and sound that made their hometown of Bristol, UK, prominent back in the day, punk rock trio, Sapphire Blues, began earning their first accolades for their live presence, and they are now consequently moving on in a quite impressive manner with their first few singles.

Good Morning Britain is an unapologetic, topical, politically charged punk anthem which speaks from the heart, and which in less that three direct and menacing punk rocking minutes manages to epitomize a whole era of instability, dubiety and the wariness that's all over Britain's political climate at the moment.

"Good Morning Britain is inspired by the not so United Kingdom," blatantly state the band, composed of Sam Lance Jones (vocals, guitar), Harry Beaver (bass) and Chris Thompson (drums, producer).

Similar to the agility that the UK punk movement brought in the late seventies, Sapphire Blues' nerve seems thoughtful and competent enough to take on Boris in the same degree some of our previous punk heroes went up against Margaret Thatcher.


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