Trentemøller: Blue September

Obverse, the latest full length by musician Anders Trentemøller, was just released, and it sounds and feels like his most realized work to date. Carrying a series of notable and well matching collaborations, the new record appears to be a direct creative endeavor and a fully cohesive listen, despite the fact that the artist took a bit of a different direction this time regarding the creative process.

"The only thing I knew from the beginning was that this didn’t absolutely have to be an album I should be able to play live, with a band," Anders reveals. "That’s been a consideration on every record since The Last Resort. Obverse was always going to be about exploring the possibilities in my studio, with no consideration of how it could be performed on a stage, and it was completely liberating."

Blue September is an utterly mesmeric, autumnal piece which pairs minimal electronica with dreampop, and even hints on film music and ambient, and features a moving vocal contribution by Lisbet Fritze, while the aesthetically pleasing clip that comes with it was created by Trentemøller himself.

"I have always worked with contrasts in my music and in my sound. And Obverse is no exception," Trentemøller offers more insight about the new album. "It’s in the subtle clashes of feelings and tonal contradictions that I often find the pure inspiration. It’s most interesting for me when I essentially don’t know where a piece of music will take me. It may begin with a chord progression that seemingly came out of nowhere, or contemplating direct confrontations between digital and analog, organic and sterile, darkness vs. light. When I navigate those musical minefields things start to happen."



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