Heaven's Club: Here There And Nowhere

Heaven’s Club initially began as the solo project of Shiv Mehra, prominently of Deafheaven and Creepers, yet, it eventually blossomed into a full band with the inclusion of musicians Dan Tracy (also of Deafheaven), Nadia Kury, Chris Natividad, Ross Peacock and Luis Mayorga.

"Heaven’s Club is the fog of memory and insubstantial fantasy," Mehra says of the project. "The songs reside in the liminal space between love and the end of suffering. They reach toward an ambiguous desire for peace — a deeply felt longing."

Bringing together a series of diverse styles and moods, the band's debut full length is an engaging piece of work which at first might sound a bit contrasting to Mehra's work with his other bands, but it definitely showcases that same thirst and tendency for experimentation and exploration. Here There And Nowhere is a psychedelic, a dreampop and a shoegaze record at once, with the krautrock, indie folk and jazz overtones coming through in an emphatic but never overwhelming manner. It all culminates in a solid case of sly genre fusion, while Andrew Oswald's pristine from end to end production is another effective point for an album which calls for repeated listening.

Here There and Nowhere is out now via Profound Lore.

Artist photo by Brendan Tidd

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