That Gum U Like: Ballad of a Boy

Soft vocals and dreamlike instrumentals composed of glittering synths and tuneful guitar lines, as well as an overpowering electronic production, are some of the most distinguishable ingredients that make up Ballad of a Boy, the latest offering by Brazilian shoegazers, That Gum U Like.

More than a year after their previous single, Biography, the two-piece project of Popinigis and Andressa D. returns with a dreamy cut which playfully nods at Cocteau Twins' dazzling dreampop, together with the ethereal darkness of This Mortal Coil.

Minimal electronica, ambiance, gazey pop and surrealism amalgamate to an intriguing outcome, and That Gum U Like emerge appealingly enough to grab a hold of the listener's attention for five fine minutes.

Artist photo by Alessandra Araujo

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