Kinolectro: Hey Eve

Bringing a fair portion of Hollywood's darkness to the front, Kinolectro release their album, Classic Kino Style on September 19th, 2019, composed of all the tracks the duo released in their year-long existence.

The previously unveiled, Hey Eve, is the album's deranged closer, a gothic synthpop piece centered around the timeless story of Adam and Eve. Jenny Nirgends and Dakota Blue's cold and distant vocal execution shines in all its aloofness, charmingly blending together, while the instrumentals, mainly made up of rabidly melodious synths and balanced rhythms often are the ones taking center stage.

Classic Kino Style was written, executed, produced and mixed by the maddened and worth checking out musical merger of Dakota Blue and Jenny Nirgends.

Cover art by Priscilla Mars

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