Ganser: Buio

The follow up to one of last year's best debut records is a four-song EP which carries the blunt title, You Must Be New Here, and comes out November 8th, 2019. Chicago's Ganser are at it again, fresh off their noteworthy appearance at Riot Fest, and the EP's opening track which they have just shared is here to prove that the band hasn't lost any of their strong momentum.

"We keep saying this EP feels like a confectionery," keyboardist and vocalist, Nadia Garofalo comments, "which can be misunderstood in that a confection is often seen as lacking in nutritional value or substance. However, they can hold significant symbolism, seen as a more precious sustenance, celebratory, comforting or a show of gratitude. We assign moral weight to them and to ourselves for consuming them, ‘I’ve been so bad’ or ‘I shouldn’t.’"

Buio explores the connection between writer and audience, and it comes with a very straightforward video realized and directed by the band, a clip that visualized the awkwardness of a ruined and failed dinner party, featuring an excellent performance by Caitlin Ewald.

Behind the new song's impeccability are Ganser's sharp production alongside their longtime collaborator, Brian Fox, and Mia Clarke, previously of Brighton indie rock greats, Electrelane.


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