Coastlands: Tired Eyes

Portland-based trio, Coastlands, released their criminally underrated latest album, The Further Still, last November, off which comes second single, Tired Eyes, a brilliant display of heavy, gazey and venturous post rock, carrying elements from the genre's both traditional and more contemporary aspects.

"This song was written during a long year of touring, writing, and recording," the band reveal. "We were exhausted and found time to jam on a day off in El Paso, Tx and wrote the basic melody of the song. Its meant to convey the feeling of when you put your heart and body fully into the area of what you're passionate about and begin to see the rewards of your labor with your tired eyes."

Like something that escaped from post rock's heyday, and akin to the excellence of acts like This Will Destroy You, Caspian and Mono, this is wistful, progressive, ethereal and rather weighty post rock done to immaculate perfection.

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