6th Circle: Swallow

Following the very much dark and very much impressive Conjuring EP from earlier in the year, Matt Auxier aka 6th Circle steps it up, and readies his upcoming debut LP, The Third Estate, scheduled to come out October 4th, 2019 through Sentient Ruin Laboratories.

A brilliant electro-industrial piece, Swallow, introduces us to the album's pitch black darkness, once more demonstrating Auxier's love for classic darkwave acts like Skinny Puppy and the like, while it also exhibits the nonconformity of his gloomy musicianship.

Unsurprisingly The Third Estate draws inspiration from "themes of anti-religion, evil, magic, and social downfall," and doesn't hold back putting its dashing elements of occult darkness, anarchism and satanism in full display.

Propulsive, harsh and totally bleak, Swallow is as good as apocalyptic gothic industrial gets, and fortunately soon there will be more from where it came.

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