Xetrovoid: Unleashed

One of the hardest working and most prolific composers in the synthwave scene, Jose Mora-Jimenez, better known as Xetrovoid, has been very stable and productive these last three years, releasing one electrifying EP after another.

Unleashed is Xetrovoid's latest, a five track showcase of the artist's both more forceful and more melodious sides. Acute and gritty for its most part, the EP brings the artist's distinctive heavy hitting darksynth aggressiveness at breakneck speed, with pieces like Hunt Mode and the title track sounding all the way relentless and keeping the pace really fast, while the impressive closer, The Rise Of A New Breed, bears the markings of its metal influences on its sleeves and carries them emphatically. In a similar manner, both Flashbacks and Corrupted Automatons drift toward a more tuneful direction, without surrendering any of the nerve and resolution which outline the whole release.

Akin to the delightful tropes and standards of the synthwave genre, Xetrovoid does not reinvent the wheel, but he is surely a solid provider of some enjoyable darkly jagged electronica, while the cyberpunk nature of his subject matter adds a lot of flair to the whole attraction.

Album art by Luke Brown

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