Torche: Admission/Infierno // Live On Seth Meyers

Getting to enjoy underground music on popular TV shows must be one of the finest, most satisfying and hearty things in this dreary existence. After many years of a fruitful career, and on the back of their excellent new album, Admission, Miami heavy rockers, Torche, went on Late Night With Seth Meyers for their late night debut, performing the album's great title track, and Infierno as a digital exclusive.

While Meyers has long proven himself as one of the most competent and worthy successors to the Late Night franchise, such musical guest bookings are a valid reason for the appreciation of Meyers' show to go quite higher, while we are reminded of times when the appearance of meaningful music on TV was not something that happen so rarely.

Raise your spirits. Not everything is lost.

Artist photo by Dan Almasy

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