ONBC: Divebar Of Dreamers

One more spellbinding single off Crunchy Frog's upcoming 25-year anniversary compilation, And Now For Something Completely Crunchy, comes by another Danish act, ONBC, whose contribution to the record is a mesmeric and consummately melodious piece of dreampop exquisiteness.

All endearing, and perfectly clocking in at three and a half minutes, Dive Bar of Dreamers, sounds as appealing and vivid as its title indicates. The band describe in a very artful statement: "True to its title, Dive Bar of Dreamers is a surreal tale set in, and describing, a dive bar of dreams that’s always open, but where last orders lurks like a vulture on the horizon. Its doors are open for idiots, the self-absorbed, the petty, the scarred, furious, downtrodden, confused, silent, bitter, shook-up, and drunk. You’ll find astronauts, football players, presidents, lovers, firemen, pornstars, and judges sitting in its corners under low-lit lamps. The bartender knows everyone by name, though their names tend to be false. The only single in the jukebox is stuck in a groove, and the discoball suspended from the ceiling hasn’t turned since the world started its initial rotation. Maybe you've been there?"

ONBC's albums, Crash, Burn & Cry from 2015 and Travelmate from 2017, are out on Crunchy Frog, and fans of lo-fi, slowcore and Americana-tinged dreampop, shouldn't be disregarding any of them.

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