Did You Die: Channel Swimmer

Did You Die is a consistently rising shoegaze band from Vancouver, BC, led by Richie Felix Alexander whose vision for a lush, guitar-driven sound resulted in a very promising debut full length, 2015's Weird Love. At the same time the band kept gaining a lot of traction as a live act, sharing stages with groups like the legendary Swervedriver, as well as Dead Leaf Echo with whom Did You Die also released a split EP.

Late last year the band's latest release, their LP, Royal Unicorn, came out, produced by Alexander's stable collaborator, Felix Fung, just like their debut.

A brilliant album opener, Channel Swimmer is an alluring, downheartedly gazey piece, which innately makes Did You Die's artfulness and captivation evident in all their glory, while sounding all the way razor sharp, and undoubtedly worthy of many repeats, just like the rest of what Royal Unicorn has to offer.

As the accompanying video for Channel Swimmer adds a lot of appeal to the music's refined shoegaze aesthetics, Did You Die keep emerging quite auspicious, and like a very much worth exploring underrated act.

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