Chelsea Wolfe: Be All Things

The third offering off the anticipated Birth of Violence, the next, more songwriter/Americana-inclined record by Chelsea Wolfe, is Be All Things, an emotive and quite poetic piece, remarkably moody and bringing up a standout vocal delivery.

The new song comes with a gorgeous video, filmed by Chelsea's longtime collaborator and band member, Ben Chisholm, with additional drone footage courtesy of Cody Crabtree.

Chelsea Wolfe offers insight about the newly unveiled song: "Be All Things is about navigating the world as a woman: reconciling the soft and the strong, balancing the warrior and the goddess, and wanting to be everything and nothing at the same time. Telling stories through song allows me to explore so many facets of myself; so many lives within. Some days I want to be quiet and reach my roots into the earth, and some days I want to spring up from the ground and be all things."

"The video is a culmination of footage taken in a few magical locations," Wolfe adds. "Around southwestern Iceland, while shooting the Birth of Violence album cover, inside Moaning Cavern in Northern California - a marble cavern 450 feet deep that I visited as a child and sang in as an adult, sending my voice out as heavy as I could against the powerful dampness and sparkles of the ancient cave walls. A special spot in nature not far from my home where the Manzanita grows up like a red and green tunnel, and a historic California hotel from the Victorian era where many from the past rested their heads."

Cover Photo by Nona Limmen

Artist photo by John Crawford


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