Death Bells: Life Stands Still

Life Stands Still is another track revealed off Death Bells' upcoming seven-inch single, Around The Bend, coming out on October 1st, 2019 via the new and rising label, Metropolitian Indian.

A dark new wave cut, Life Stands Still comes with a very stylish video directed by Blair Gauld.

"It was really exciting to create this video with Death Bells, being in Los Angeles for three weeks and being surrounded by amazing locations really inspired me," the director has to say. "Death Bells are very close to my heart - we grew up together in Sydney. It was very comfortable to write and direct this video as we hold such a strong friendship."

Marking a few changes for them, since the band is now just composed of longtime members, William Canning and Remy Veselis, have relocated from Australia to California, and their sound is way more polished than that of their earlier efforts, Around The Bend surely feels like a seminal release for Death Bells, and both tracks off it are of a very high standard.


Video directed by Blair Gauld

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September 1 - Tucson, AZ @ HOCO Fest w/ Cold Showers + Marbled Eye + LiƩ
October 25 - Los Angeles, CA @ Zebulon w/ Gatecreeper + Kommand + Section H8


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