Zonal: Zonal

Both master collaborators and purveyors of some of the most forward-thinking, experimental and atmospheric music of the last  few years, Justin K. Broadrick and Kevin Martin, aka Jesu (or JK Flesh, Final, Godflesh and a ton more) and The Bug respectively, join forces once more for a brand new project. The two artists had created together as members of God in the late eighties, as Techno Animal, and as Ice a few years later.

Their new project is named Zonal, and has a dark electronica, drone and industrial direction; a fusion of styles on which both musicians thrive. They'll be releasing a full length through Relapse Records this Fall, but until then they have just unveiled a pair of new tracks, both heavy, slow burning and noisy, showcasing their undoubted knack for dark and gloomy ambiance.



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