Reduction Plan: The River

Drawing from a series of intriguing and contrasting genres, all inclined toward sounds that resemble the darkest part of the eighties, such as gothic rock, post punk, industrial, and dreampop, New York's Reduction Plan emerge with what promises to be their most accomplished and best executed album, (Ae) Maeth, coming out September 20th, 2019 through Redscroll Records (vinyl) and Dune Altar (cassette).

First specimen, The River, is a mightily impressive listen, firstly for the elevated saxophone solo of Jack Tomascak which hits the listener with a stream of winsome melodiousness right off the bat; then for songwriter and vocalist, Daniel Manning's moving vocal delivery; and also for its fine instrumentation and overall skillfully executed production, accomplished with the help of producer and engineer Kevin McMahon (Swans, The Walkmen, Pile). It all comes across as something which has escaped from the mid-eighties, reverently approaching and bearing resemblance to incredible acts like Sad Lovers and Giants, Spear of Destiny and the darker side of Echo & The Bunnymen.

(Ae) Maeth will surely have a lot to offer in the near future, among which is a collaboration with Jae Matthews of Boy Harsher. Until we get to hear more, The River is much of an effective representative of the coming LP.

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