The Advertisers: Live in New York City

Superior, fascinating and enjoyable blues rock should be exactly like this, all visceral, dirty, heavy, uncomplicated and coming from the gut. It should be just like how NYC's The Advertisers do it. The band breathes old school rock 'n' roll, yet, instead of coming through as something stale and dinosauric, like many of their peers do presently, they appear unfailingly exciting and fresh, while their originals immediately feel like longtime classics.

The band's live presence is imposing far and near. After the doom-inclined, Red Meat, from last month, their recent live set at Carmelo's in Brooklyn, New York is now released in its entirety in the form of a live EP, including three more tracks, all of which sound equally weighty, yet, ardently familiar.

At times faster and edgier, on other instances denser and more slow burning, Live In New York City is a neat representation of what The Advertisers' music emits, demonstrating both the deftness of their songwriting and the zest of their demeanor on stage. It's eighteen minutes of pure blues rock, in the form of a great looking black-and-white video.

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