Ride: Repetition

The second installment off Ride's anticipated next record, This Is Not A Safe Place, is a song that takes a bit of a more upbeat direction than the previously revealed Future Love, and deals with evolution, drabness, and as its title suggests, repetition.

"I haven’t got tired yet of blasting this track," comments Andy Bell. "Repetition is at the absolute heart of This Is Not A Safe Place. It was one of the very first songs written for the album and has always felt to me like one of the best songs I’ve written. It has a great dual harmony vocal from myself and Mark. Steve came up with the brilliant Juno 6 bassline that starts the song, which he overdubbed on our last day of recording for the album. Loz puts down a monster of a drum track. It’s both very experimental and very pop in approach, and that’s what Ride always tried to do in the early days. For me, it succeeds in bringing me back to all of the things we were into and talked about when we were 18, but also being of the moment, in 2019. I know I am speaking for the whole band, and Erol, when I say we are really proud of this record, and we hope you enjoy it."

The Oxford band has successfully come through the unease that a reunion return usually brings, as Weather Diaries was proven to be one of the best albums of 2017, while its follow up EP, Tomorrow’s Shore, was of equally high quality. This Is Not A Safe Place is shaping up to be another compelling work, reaffirming that you simply cannot go wrong with anything that's got to do with Ride.


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