Down The Lees: A Cynical Age

Belgian trio, Down The Lees, have been coming through with their own, excellent fusion of slowcore, shoegaze and post grunge sounds since the mid 2000s. The band's next album, Bury the Sun, was recorded and mixed by the legendary Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, and releases September 13th, 2019 through Wagonmaniac Music and Off White House Records.

First piece off the coming album, A Cynical Age, will easily appeal to fans of Low, Slint, Duster and everything slowcore related, emerging with Albini's brilliantly uncomplicated production as an undeniably powerful aspect, while the band's obvious drive is clearly showcased through their warm and tense delivery.

The rawness and immediacy in Down The Lees' songwriting and emotional execution couldn't have been more immaculately captured, and A Cynical Age, often driving and at times satisfyingly explosive, is an exemplary slowcore piece and also a terrific presage of what's about to follow.

Down the Lees are Laura Lee Schultz, Jonathan Frederix and Kwinten Gluehorse.

Artist photo by Puk Sproet

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