bdrmm: Question Mark

Rising shoegazers, bdrmm, are at it again, delivering their newest single, Question Mark, this time through the iconic shoegaze label Sonic Cathedral and their 2019 Singles Club. The Hull quintet attempts their own take on a softer and mellower sound, with the acoustic elements more prominently showcased than any of their previous tracks. The result sounds solid, like something that could have easily belonged in Radiohead's The Bends or among the early material of Slowdive, and once again exhibits the band's many strengths and aptitude.

"Being told you’ve done something wrong and believing you’ve done something wrong are completely different things," comments vocalist and main songwriter, Ryan Smith, on the new song's introspective nature. "Question mark came from that realization."

Once more the song carries the sharp production of Alex Greaves (Working Men’s Club, The Orielles, Heavy Lungs), whose work on the song is proven highly complementary to the bdrmm's delivery and overall creative vision.


Album art by jordansmith1404

Artist photo by Sam Joyce

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