Wreck and Reference: Sturdy Dawn

Sturdy Dawn is the second, much imposing offering off the anticipated fourth LP, Absolute Still Life, by experimental noise rockers, Wreck And Reference. The moody track finds the duo spiraling deeper into a far-off kind of unconventional electronica with an existentialist twist, that's not for everyone, and which is downright engaging and artful, as it appears like Felix Skinner and Ignat Frege's unparalleled musicianship meets head-on with their intuitiveness as ever-changing and unpredictable creators.

Quite bleak and full of verbiage, Sturdy Dawn deals with time, its passage and contending with the future. A deadpan vocal delivery connects with the harshness of its accompanying electronic sounds, before it turns to something fiercer and more alien for the track's riveting second part.

Absolute Still Life is scheduled to come out July 19th, 2019 via The Flenser, and it couldn't feel more exciting and promising from this end. Expect more soon.


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