The Cure Anniversary 1978-2018 Live in Hyde Park London // Trailer

In addition to the upcoming new album for which The Cure are currently in preparations, and the career spanning feature length documentary on which they've been working alongside Tim Pope, the band's Hyde Park concert from last year, in collaboration with the same director, is finally getting a theatrical release on July 11th, 2019.

The film follows the 1986 award winning concert film, In Orange, also directed by Pope. The Cure Anniversary 1978-2018 Live in Hyde Park London is composed of 29 tracks and spans 135 minutes, and was filmed in front of 65,000 people on Saturday July 7th, 2018.

"I went to rehearsals in a very cramped studio just the day before the show, and sat in the group’s midst as they ran through the songs," Pope reveals. "I knew as the set list unfolded that the only way to show people the real Cure was to capture not only the grand, epic dimension of their stage show, but also the close, intimate side of this band simply making music together. Never has Robert sung so well, nor has The Cure played more passionately, more tightly, more powerfully."

We are now being teased by a trailer that couldn't look and sound better.

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