aliendawg. & Moon Pics: Give In / Paper Heart

Two young and promising shoegaze acts from Brazil, Luiz Spíndola's aliendawg. and Adriano Caiado's Moon Pics, join forces for the release of the excellent two-song split EP, Give In / Paper Heart, out now via midsummer madness.

The two artists met at a skatepark in Brazil’s D.C. and since they clicked together due to common tastes and artistic approach, they went on to collaborate and exchange ideas. "I don’t remember exactly when but we always commented on collaborating," says Adriano, while Luiz adds: "I sent Give In to Adriano because I really like the melodies he can create for vocals."

Two fantastic DIY tracks, created using the exact same creative process, each in each artist's own room, make up a genuine bedroom pop release, introducing two auspicious, bright new minds which show that they have a lot to offer to the world of shoegaze.

The accompanying visual for Give In uses imagery from a short movie from 1949, Begone Dull Care, by Norman McLaren and Evelyn Lambart.

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