The Advertisers: Red Meat // Live At Carmelo's

Old school, anti-modern and deeply rooted in good old, bluesy rock 'n' roll, New York-based band, The Advertisers, emerge with a good ear for traditional songwriting structures, solid hooks and their evident ability to astound their audience via their impeccable, intimate and dynamic live presence.

Red Meat is a brand new piece, captured live on the final night of the band's month-long EP release residency at Carmelo's in Brooklyn, New York. "From that show we were able to produce our upcoming live Video EP," the band reveal. "The whole project was super DIY and done as a collaborative effort among volunteers on about two days notice. There's no reason that everything should have turned out as well it did, but it did, so that's good...."

Tyler Bertram, Cait Hackett and Jeremiah Brunnhoelzl grabbed the band's boiling energy on video, while the superior, sharp recording comes courtesy of Derek Pacuk and Casey Hopkins.

Fresh, traditional-inclined rock 'n' roll music doesn't come in such high levels very often these days, yet, The Advertisers, do not seem to lack any of the confidence and virtuosity that their peers from back in the seventies possessed.

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