Neighbours Burning Neighbours: Hesitate

Neighbours Burning Neighbours is a fresh post punk band from the Netherlands, composed of experienced musicians who have contributed to the Rotterdam underground rock scene through other notable bands.

Although Hesitate is only their second release, through it the auspicious Dutch group appears like a stable and adept unit, and offer a ferocious post punk anthem, founded on a solid three-minute conciseness of razor sharp guitar riffs, driving bass lines, pounding and aggressive rhythms, and a frantic vocal delivery.

The song is presented through a superb live session, recorded and filmed on the Dutch shores of the North Sea on a perfectly cold and foggy day with the help of director, Marèl Jap-Sam, and cinematographer, Esther Kool. The camera motions in the plain, yet, engaging clip are precisely choreographed to follow the song's structure and the band members' movement, in an altogether powerful result.

"No sense in fighting against the waves, give in to the sounds that thrust toward you," state the band about the song's aim and concept. "Diving into the deep might feel scary, but know that you won’t be alone. We are taking this leap together and wherever we may end up, we’ll be there together."

Neighbours Burning Neighbours are Alicia Breton Ferrer (the Sweet Release of Death) on guitar and vocals, Aram Scheeve (AC Berkheimer) on drums, Daanie van den IJssel (ex-Cusack) on guitar and vocals, and Bart Kalkman (also ex-Cusack) on bass guitar.


09.05 't Keldertje, Landbouwbelang, Maastricht
10.05 Slow Club, Freiburg
11.05 Glockenbachwerkstatt, München
12.05 AU, Vienna
14.05 TBA
15.05 D.K.Luksus, Wroclaw w/Hanako
16.05 Pod Minoga, Poznan w/Hanako
17.05 Chmury, Warsaw w/Hanako
18.05 Schokoladen, Berlin
19.05 TBA
24.05 Worm, Rotterdam w/Housewives

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