Coral Collapse: Never Go

Buffalo, NY-based quartet, Coral Collapse deliver some excellently constructed, hazy and sunny kind of dreampop through their commendable debut full length, Don't Wait to See Me Say Goodbye, recently released via Admirable Traits Records.

With a more upbeat direction, Never Go is the second single off the album, a buoyant track which playfully nods to sixties pop, while it enhances its well-formed Beatle-esque atmosphere with an edgier twist that leans keenly toward post punk and power pop. The song's lyrics were inspired by the Woodstock documentary, the thought of a modern Woodstock band, and the speculation of what such act could or should sound like. It's a warm and driving track which unites traditional, classic rock notions with dreampop tropes in a smart and tuneful manner, and speaks volumes about the band's class.

Coral Collapse are Kevin O'Connor, (vocals, guitar), Seth Zielinski (drums), Joel Russell (bass) and Gandi Rizek (guitar).

Artist photo by Anthony Puglisi

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