Cloud: Mother Sea // Live at Kulak's Woodshed

Live at Kulak’s Woodshed is an upcoming live recording from Long Island indie act, Cloud. The album was recorded during the Plays With Fire period which produced Cloud's acclaimed last record, and it includes six tightly executed tracks from a trio composed of main songwriter and creative force, Tyler Taormina, alongside David Yorr and Jonathan Davies.

Although Cloud is primarily a studio act, and those live performances have been a rare occasion, the band sound very much collected and composed on stage, and their set appears lively as much as it feels intimate and familiar. With Taormina's impressive performance in which he sings while playing the keyboard on one hand and drumming with the other, Cloud's live presence is certainly bold and worth experiencing for fans of intelligent, done right psychedelic pop.

An expansive almost eight-minute epic, Mother Sea, which originally appears on 2013's Comfort Songs, closes the live record on a high note.

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