Blood Child: Shivers Home

Danish up and comers, Blood Child, caught our attention a couple of years ago through their impressive live session at Tapetown. The band are now psyching up for the release of their debut EP, Shower Me, due out September 2019 on the Copenhagen label, NESM.

Shivers Home is the first piece revealed of the forthcoming record, a forceful fusion of brooding post punk with a more accessible indie rock sound which succeeds in conveying feelings of both tenseness and familiarity.

"Shivers Home is a song that we had previously given up on writing many times before," says frontman and songwriter Emil Bertelsen. "It’s almost like a childhood friend that you somehow manage to love and hate at the same time. On many occasions we abandoned the project, and in our frustration we thought we may never actually be able to use the track. There was however something about the song, that kept us coming back – something we couldn’t just leave unfinished."

The creative process behind such a dynamic track couldn't be but rather interesting. Emil adds: "We stripped the song all the way back until we were left with the drums and bass tracks, which then allowed us to build the song up again, essentially creating a new song based on the ground elements of the original. We learned that the process is also something that could be used whilst navigating life and friendships – actually stripping it back to its core and rebuilding."

"Some of the lyrics were written by translating an old Danish song to some far away Asian languages using Google Translate, and then re-translating to English," the artist lets us in on the song's meaning and lyrical content. "This allowed for a unique and completely new lyrical base, which we then tried to explore the meaning behind. For example: ‘Standing in the shadows of another.’ This is a situation where the person relates and is actually comfortable in being, but at the same time one that he can’t really escape from, which leads to the creation of desperation and anxiety."

Blood Child are Emil Bertelsen (vocals, guitar), Hjalte Ross (guitar), Mads Bertelsen (bass, vocal), Lasse Dybdahl Kruger (drums) and Marikka Katrina Hoejen (keys).

The upcoming EP was produced and mixed by Jens Ramon, (Figurines, Choir of Young Believers, Gooms), and mastered by Aske Zidore (Oh No Ono, Gooms, An Gella).



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