Windy & Carl: Forest Trails

Veterans of ambient, drone and dreampop music, Windy & Carl, return with a new track, part of the Pure Michigan promo campaign by Michigan’s tourism department, and the ambient compilation Pure Sounds Of Michigan.

Forest Trails combines the duo's signature drones with earthy field recordings, creating something that sounds equally lifelike and otherworldly. Masters of their intricate craft, the prolific Windy & Carl have been gracing the world with ambiance, alluring drones, space rock experimentation and psychedelia since 1993, and they have left behind a massive body of work.

The duo's own Windy Weber states about their involvement in the project: "I am a musician. I am in love with sound, and parks offer me so much of what i am in love with. [...] To this day, Carl and I would rather be outside than in. We would rather see the wind cause the trees to sway and dance, listen to all the voices of the forest animals, and hear the chorus of insects, than be stuck inside [...] I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have been invited to be involved in a project to celebrate the anniversary of State Parks in Michigan-- To have been given a way to say THANK YOU to everyone along the way who said that this space needed to be preserved and protected; to every one who understood how a human body and mind needs to sit in the trees and see the sky and listen to the sounds of a park; listen to the sounds our body knows and understands. What a wonderful gift we have all been given in the creation of our state and local parks. It’s a gift we can all share in, everyday, all year long. We are all so lucky."

Pure Sounds Of Michigan was executive produced and mixed by composer Blair French, mastered by Eddie Logix, and features the contributions of Michican's better known acts, John Beltran, Waajeed, and Windy & Carl, alongside rising names like Greater Alexander, Dave Graw, Todd Modes, and others.

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