GURU: Fixation

Only three singles in, Brighton's Guru are already one of the fastest and most strongly emerging UK bands, making a bold impression and keep adding accolades to their reputation with each new release.

Fixation is the quartet's third installment in this impressive outset, and while it still sounds fiery and loud, this time the band take a bit of a cleaner and sharper route to convey their message about incompatible and messy relationships.

"Lyrically I’ve focused on the irreconcilable nature of some relationships I’ve failed to repair from earlier years of my life," says GURU's frontman, Tommy Cherrill. "I realized I wasn’t alone in having these botched relationships and so began writing the verses from the third person as an imagined narrator of others who’ve fallen out. Sometimes things just don’t work out and I’m not making a judgement call on whether that’s a good thing or not, we just wanted to write a bloody number one for the Billboard Hot 100, ha!"

Both on record and through their appreciable live presence, GURU are definitely on the rise, consistently and imposingly, as they have repeatedly exhibited in their brief existence thus far.

Cover art by GURU

Artist photo by Harry Sotnick

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