Unwed Sailor: Indian Ocean

More than a decade after their last album, Little Wars, the very much experienced post rock act, Unwed Sailor will be releasing their anticipated new full length, Heavy Age, May 3rd, 2019.

Indian Ocean is a fine example of the stable fusion of post rock, film music and ambiance, which Unwed Sailor skillfully put together. Like the previously unveiled, Ovid, the song confirms the upcoming record's strong character, and without having to offer anything surprising, it can still be an effective and compelling listen.

"With Heavy Age I wanted this to feel like an Unwed Sailor live record," says the band's main creative force, Johnathon Ford. "Like if you came to an Unwed show, this is what you’d hear—heavy and bombastic, like grabbing someone by the shirt."

The beautiful video which perfectly matches the song's mood was directed, filmed and edited by Clay Flores.

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