D//E Exclusive Premiere: Her Name is Calla: Frontier

After a fruitful fifteen year-long career British post rockers, Her Name Is Calla, call it quits, and are gearing up for the release of a final album. Animal Choir will be out May 31st, 2019 through Dunk! Records.

Continuing their tradition of elegant genre fusion, and combining expansive, cinematic post rock with down to earth folk qualities, the new album finds the band in top form and feels symbolic of their strong lyricism and multidimensional artistry.

Standing right there in the middle of the album's plentiful 75 plus minutes in fifteen tracks, Frontier is a stunner which builds gradually, as it evolves from a wistful folk ballad to a grand outbreak full of rich sentimentality, before it returns back to the gentle somber direction for its final minute. The dazzling track streams for the first time ever exclusively in this post.

The sessions for Animal Choir were for the most part recorded live, and mixed and produced by Jamie Ward (maybeshewill/Kyte).

Her Name Is Calla will be celebrating the release of their final LP with three last shows in Europe. The dates are listed below.

Cover art by True Spilt Milk Designs

Artist photo by Leszek WroĊ„ski

Live Dates

May 4 / Boston Music Room, London
May 11 / A Colossal Weekend, Copenhagen
May 31 / Dunk! Festival, Zottegem

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