Burning House: Mimosa

Southampton's Burning House are a rising shoegaze/indie rock band whose reputation keeps building with each new piece of music, and because of their distinguished live act. Mimosa is their first release after signing to MIOHMI (Yumi And The Weather), while the band are also in preparations for their full length debut, expected in summer 2019.

"It’s a song about the fall of an empire," says Aaron Mills, the band's guitarist, singer and songwriter, commenting on the inspiration behind the new track. "I wrote it as a big, self-conscious, opening rock song - the kind that would fill a stadium, but retaining ethereality; sonically a fusing of yin and yang/masculine and feminine. Lyrically, the song takes on themes of isolation, but also risk - the idea that risk is the only cure for isolation and despair. I was inspired by reading Dr Faustus by Christopher Marlowe, and I learned about how one can hypnotize through consistency and repetition, and then all of a sudden break the 'spell' to dramatic effect."

For almost seven minutes Mimosa develops steadily and in a very impressive manner, through noisy textures, weighty and memorable guitar riffs and overall dense instrumentation, ably uniting heavy shoegaze and raucous grunge sounds.

Burning House are Aaron Mills (guitar/vocals), Patrick White (bass) and Dominic Taylor (drums).


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