Twin Dive: Joy Will Follow

Recorded over at the great Tapetown Studio, Joy Will Follow isn't only the debut single by Danish-based Lithuanian-Icelandic duo, Twin Dive, but also the first track written by the band back in September 2018.

"Quite naturally, it became the debut one", says the group's own, Robert Jancevich. "And we got really lucky shooting the video as there’s not much sun in Denmark this time of the year. Danes lose their shit the second the sun comes out. Despite the fact that it was mid February and a humble +10 Celsius, we saw a guy with just shorts on. ‘Sir, you forgot your ice cream!’, Raggi shouted at him. It was a lovely day."

Ragnar ‘Raggi’ Gudmunds and Robert Jancevich found each other in Aarhus, Denmark and united through their shared passion for rock ’n’ roll. Their heavy sound which in equal measure brings together components from grunge, garage punk and psychedelic rock is very well represented by the very dynamic, Joy Will Follow, a stunner of a debut, dense, striking and overpowering.

Twin Dive have more, yet, only a handful of recordings waiting to be released. They are a fairly young outfit, whose freshness is observable and distinct through what they have revealed thus far.

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