Bucolic: Light Traces

Seth Carpenter, the songwriting force behind the prolific lo-fi pop project, Bucolic, has been very active releasing a series of high quality demos and singles over the course of the last four years. Oneirogens will be Bucolic's debut album, scheduled for release on May 25th, 2019.

Light Traces is a new song off the forthcoming record, another excellent number, characteristic of the wistful nature, the idyllic lyrical direction and the enchantingly hazy production, properties which have always been present and notably highlighted in Bucolic's previous recordings, but seem more elaborate and better put into effect than ever this time around.

Even though Bucolic's creations are set on a traditional foundation and emerge uncomplicated and cordially familiar, in all its bluntness his sound is not so easily matched in today's terms. Simply put, it's lo-fi, gazey, vintage bedroom pop at its finest.

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