Tindersticks: Willow

After eleven studio albums, and six soundtracks for the films of Claire Denis, Tindersticks return with their seventh collaboration with the acclaimed director. High Life is Denis' latest film which the great Nottingham band score, set for release on record on April 5th, 2019 via Milan Records (North America) and City Slang Records (Europe). Accordingly, the film will be out  in New York and Los Angeles on the same date by A24.

Featuring actor, Robert Pattinson who stars in the film, Willow is a minimal, atmospheric piece which serves as an album highlight, cohesive both as an album cut and a standalone single.

"Most of the music for High Life was made before the filming," Stuart S. Staples shares about his new work. "The conversation with Claire started maybe as far back as 2012. There were many ideas I wanted to explore and I appreciated the foresight of Claire and the producers in offering me support and encouragement to do this."

Staples describes Willow in a very interesting way. "And then there was ‘Willow’. a seed of a song shared by myself and Dan Mckinna that eventually grew to be the conclusion of the High life with Robert Pattinson, the lead actor, singing the song in character to his daughter Willow, a theme that runs through the film."


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