Japanese Television: Bloodworm

A merger of post punk and krautrock, Bloodworm is the new single by British four-piece, Japanese Television, recorded by Kristian Bell of The Wytches in an old isolated village hall onto an 8 track tape, and released via Tip Top Recordings.

"The track only had a working title when we started recording it, we'd played it out live for the first time the night before," the band describe. "The name comes from a book we found in a collection of second-hand novels in the corner of the village hall. The cover of the book has a giant worm wrapped around a ruined Big Ben, which seemed to fit pretty nicely with the mood we were trying to capture! Another weird fact is that a character in the book shares the name of our guitarist, Tim Jones. He is in the book for a single page, at which point he gets eaten by a Bloodworm."

Bloodworm follows the band's acclaimed 2018 debut EP, and finds them further exploring the limitless possibilities of their versatile sound.

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