Guest Singer: I Could Never Live Like You Do

Extending from the motorik krautrock sound we've heard through the project's previous singles, Guest Singer comes out with a piece a bit mellower and accessible, still all the way artful. The new song appears as a bearer of a heavily existential character and it is once more based on some very good sounding vintage analog synths.

I Could Never Live Like You Do is the final preview ahead of the release of the project's debut EP, I’m Irrelevant Now, coming March 22nd, 2019 via Heist or Hit.

"Heroes are nothing but unreliable narrators created in our own minds," Jake Cope explains about the song's meaning, and its thought-provoking anti-idolatry theme. "What we idolise in other people is often what we think is missing within ourselves. When you discover these protagonists of perfection are flawed, cruel, or just boring, the let-down of realisation can empty you out. This song is recognition of that."

Guest Singer are devised by Jake Cope and comprising Paul Burdett and France Lahmar. The upcoming, I’m Irrelevant Now, finds the project collaborating with producer Matt Peel (Eagulls, Pulled Apart By Horses, Menace Beach).

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