Foie Gras: Psychic Sobriety

A super fun horror visual with a flirty atmosphere and a playful vampiric theme, directed by Angel Ceballos, comes with the brooding synthpop excellence that is Psychic Sobriety. The song is the superb opener to Holy Hell, the upcoming six-song EP by San Francisco artist, Foie Gras.

Enticing and driving, the gothic pop/darkwave piece brings under one roof the dark elements of the genre's past and its spirited present, channeling in equal amounts the dimness of Xymox and the fresh gloomy electronica of Boy Harsher. Paired with the good looking video's lightness, Psychic Sobriety is another fine specimen of the artist's consistent artistry and charming idiosyncrasy.

Holy Hell releases April 5th, 2019 via Yellow Year.

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