Code Elektro: Driving On The Moon

Prolific Danish artist, Martin Ahm, has been creating some of the finest and most forward looking synthwave records as Code Elektro since 2012. Carrying the intriguing title, Never Mind the Solar Wind, Code Elektro's fourth full length will be out on May 3rd, 2019 via Iceberg Records.

Never Mind the Solar Wind is a sci-fi record which focuses on space exploration and the optimism that came with the beginning of the space age in the early sixties. Driving on the Moon makes excellent use of analog synthesizers and sound design to illustrate the coming album's concept. Closer to new age and groundbreaking sounds like those of Tangerine Dream and Vangelis, Driving on the Moon emerges grandiosely, like a lost cut from a classic space opera, and intimate like a familiar film score.

The sparse spoken lines in the song are a colorful addition, and a feature on every track of the upcoming LP. It all comes together to narrate a story about a cosmonaut on a journey out in space, a theme that smoothly accords with Code Elektro's refined style and rich sound.


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