Pure Bathing Culture: Devotion

Vocalist Sarah Versprille and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Hindman seem to have a soft spot for soft rock and glittery synthpop. Pure Bathing Culture's excellent album, Moon Tides, from 2013 was a fine representation of that, and its follow up, Pray For Rain, in 2015 further established the Portland duo as a consistent and able, delicate and artful modern pop act.

More evidence for the big love and admiration PBC have for popular music's past is provided by tracks like Scotty, a highlight piece on Moon Tides, which featured a subtle passage from Benny Mardones' blue eyed soul pop hit, Into The Night, and now comes this, Devotion, the band's jangly and sparkling new track from their upcoming album, Night Pass.

Devotion is strongly reminiscent of the 1979 hit, Escape (The PiƱa Colada Song), by singer Rupert Holmes, a soft rock standard which defined the eighties and became a timeless classic. PBC new single is filtered through the band's own refined artistry though, and bases its might on the skillfully constructed combo of plain melody and luxurious production, courtesy of super producer, Tucker Martine.

Night Pass releases April 26th, 2019 via Infinite Companion.


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