D//E Playlist: Stream And Destroy Vol. 12

Volume 12 of Stream And Destroy compiles some of the finest tracks our radar captured in February 2019, from the stack that contains those which we did not thoroughly cover, but still deserve mention and spins.

LA's FEELS have just released their very propitious second album, Post Earth, pairing their noise rock sound with a dismal post apocalyptic lyrical approach; while the Brooklyn-based, Russian Baths, came up with their excellent debut EP, Penance, off which the very gazey, Slenderman, stands out for its brooding and multifaceted character. Also very dreamlike, psychedelic and noisy, BYSTS from LA, offer a sating sound on their Dreamland EP, a complementary release to their album, Killer On The Road, aligning with acts like Jesus And Mary Chains and Love & Rockets; while Chicago trio, Lume, unveiled two tracks that didn't make it into their album, Wrung Out, but their darkness now sees the light of day with good reason.

From Brazil, power trio, Olympia Tennis Club, put the riot grrrl spirit back on the map, and respectfully nod to the power pop sound and punk ethos of labels like K Recs and Kill Rock Stars which provided great inspiration for them.

Guitar-driven, dark and thick like some of the best indie psychedelic rock of the late nineties, Michigan trio, minihorse, will release their forthcoming album, Living Room Art, off which Drink You Dry, an updated version of an older song of theirs, is a striking single full of warmth and existentialist qualities.

Nectarine, the third album by Tyler Kershaw's Funeral Advantage, was just released on Sleep Well Records, showing the artist's turn toward a brighter pop sound which still doesn't lose the contemplative temperament of his previous records; while Ontario's Nighttime in Kansas who have been very productive for the just three years of their existence as a band, continue evolving and spreading their sound across genres like shoegaze, post punk and psychedelic rock. Philadelphia indie post punks, Church Girls, and their youthful energy are also tireless and prolific, and came up with Cycles, another strong EP whcih followed last year's Home.

From the ranks of the excellent Wax Idols who disbanded last year, Hether Fortune releases her first solo outing since then, Sister, a single no less engaging than what anyone would have expected from the artist, raising hopes as to whether we should expect more from where this came.

Let Me Know Your Moon, the sophomore album from Cincinnati trio Leggy, comes out on March 8th, 2019, and the singles which have preceded it so far reveal the band's enlivened energy and strong inclinations toward a more experimental and unconventional, artful punk sound.

The enamoring krautrock perfection of the new, venturesome 10-minute piece, Simpatico People, by Manchester's W. H. Lung, is again in full swing as the trio prepares for the release of their debut album, Incidental Music, on April 5th, 2019 on Melodic Records.

01. FEELS - Post Earth
02. Russian Baths - Slenderman
03. Bysts - Divine
04. Lume - Black Sun
05. Olympia Tennis Club - Greg Oblivian
06. Minihorse - Drink You Dry
07. Funeral Advantage - Peach Nectarine
08. Nighttime in Kansas - Better Feeling Alone
09. Church Girls - Balance
10. Hether Fortune - Sister
11. Leggy - Taffy
12. W. H. Lung - Simpatico People

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