Munya: Benjamin

Canadian songwriter Josie Boivin, records and performs her charming mixture of dreampop and psychedelic pop as Munya, having already put out a handful of EPs, a compilation of which will be coming out on vinyl, cassette and CD on March 8th, 2019, together with Blue Pine, the newest installment of her EP trilogy.

Off the coming EP comes Benjamin, the artist's first bilingual track, and an enjoyment of a quirky and heartfelt pop ballad, playfully wistful, melancholic and all the way tuneful, suggestive of the French sixties pop spirit, and the youthful delivery of Jane Birkin and Fran├žoise Hardy.

"I'm really excited that this is my first song in both French and English as I hope its theme transcends language!" states the artist. "Many times in my life when I thought I had found love it turned into most people it has made it harder for me to be vulnerable with new experiences and people. In this song I take a step back and realize it's how we all feel, I make fun of my own vulnerabilities and try to just push them to the side and enjoy my new Love. Hopefully this song will make people relax, smile, and dance a bit and just try not to take our own stuff too serious cause its just not worth it!"


Photo by Josh Aldecoa

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