FM-84: Bend & Break

Attributing the inspiration for the new material to classy acts like Tears For Fears and the refined synthpop of the eighties, the duo composed of Colin Bennett and singer Ollie Wride return with a brand new track that follows the hit of their debut album, Atlas, as well as sold out tours in the US, Canada and the UK.

This is FM-84's first single release since 2017's Never Stop, when Wride was still credited as a featured contributor. With the singer onboard as a regular member, FM-84 appear at the peak of their strengths, and come up with a superbly sharp song, mixing the act's tasteful retrowave aesthetics with a steadily memorable style of writing. Bend & Break evokes the posh eighties pop spirit really accurately, and conveys FM-84's own newness in a unique and delightful way, like any fan of Atlas would have expected.


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