Heartscape Landbreak: A Heart Full Of Light

A band from Kansas, currently residing in North Carolina, Taylor Holenbeck's Heartscape Landbreak do not only indulge in wordplay, but also luxuriate in the fine art of genre mixing, as they seamlessly bring in the same wavelength passages of post punk, post rock, post hardcore, and beyond.

A Heart Full Of Light lures the listener in with a minute-long calm introduction, and then it brings on the stormy and passionate, guitar driven eruption in a relentless manner, and evocative of some DIY punk-brewed noise rock from the late nineties, carried out heartily, and sounding exciting for the entirety of its remaining couple of minutes.

For the band's lineup, Taylor Holenbeck is joined by Kevin Broderick (The Catalyst, Des Ark), Jake Woodruff (Defeater, Dreamtigers), Nathan Dixey (The Dan Ryan, Hospital Ships), Dave Thomas (Colony Collapse), Kaeli Riccardi (Adjy), Thor Harris (Thor and Friends), Jordan Geiger (Hospital Ships), and Steve Squire.

Heartscape Landbreak's new album, The Remedy, releases March 8th, 2019, through Cosmic Dreamer Music.


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