H.Grimace: She's In a State

London quartet, H.Grimace, will be following their very well received debut, Self Architect, with a limited two-track seven-inch single, out (on a couple of gorgeous vinyl editions) on January 25th, 2019 via Brooklyn label,  Living Waters Records. For this release, the sharp and very fresh, She's In a State, will be paired the previously unveiled, In The Body.

The band's remarkable sound is founded on post punk and draws elusive influence from shoegaze, noise rock, krautrock and more exquisite styles. The new song sounds intimately familiar, and warmly resonant of the standoffish delivery of Sonic Youth, the monochromatic gloominess of Joy Division, the grit and experimental proclivities of Erase Errata, as well as the youthfulness of contemporary acts like Ganser and Girls in Synthesis. Through all this fine intricacy that comes with their sound, H.Grimace come forth as an honest and inventive band, and She's In a State, ponderous and reflective as it is, emerges as one of the finest specimens of dark excellence the quartet has come up with thus far.

H.Grimace is Hannah Gledhill (vocals), Marcus Browne (guitar), Diogo Gomez (drums), and Corin Johnson (bass).


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