Heavy Heart: Bed Bug

After the ambitious challenge they successfully put themselves through in 2016, recording and releasing a new song each month, resulting to the much satisfying compilation LP, Keepsake, London's Heavy Heart return with a brand new single, Bed Bug, the first of three tracks mixed and co-produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Gabe Wax, whose work we've heard on first rate acts, such as The War On Drugs, Fleet Foxes and Soccer Mommy.

"Bed Bug is a nocturnal love song exploring obsession and lethargy, sex, blood and dirty sheets," say the band. "It’s about staying in bed all day and staying awake all night, feeling your skin crawl and your nerves itch. It’s also about the beauty and agony of loving someone to the point of self-destruction; picking the wounds open again and again just to feel the way it felt the first time."

What started as a lo-fi, bedroom project, Heavy Heart composed of Anna Vincent (lead vocals, guitar), Patrick Fitzroy (guitar, backing vocals), James Vincent (guitar, backing vocals) and Craig Brown (drums), shows its consistency as well as its solid evolution as a band, with each new piece of music coming out more, adept, auspicious and better done than the previous, evidently suggesting that the four-piece has long been ready for the big leagues.

Bed Bug comes out via all digital platforms January 23rd, 2019.


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