Endon: Doubts As A Source

Ruthless Japanese noise makers, Endon, will be releasing their new album, Boy Meets Girl, on February 15th, 2019, via Thrill Jockey. The album is expected to be another genre defying gem that throws harsh electronics, hardcore, doom, horrorcore, punk, psychedelia and dozens of additional elements in the blender, to come up with something absolutely strongly flavored and exciting.

Doubts As A Source is an anxious, nerve-racking monster, starring vocalist Taichi Nagura's frenetic performance, and a chaotic mixture of intrigue and heaviness, introducing us to the coming album, recorded by Atsuo of the great Boris, and overall visualized as a soundtrack to an imagined horror film about love.

There is also a marvelous, colorful album trailer directed by Yohei Saito, presenting the band at full blast, and Boy Meets Girl's vivid and picturesque artfulness in all its glory.

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