Ollie Wride: The Driver (f/ The Night Hour)

You may remember Ollie Wride and his expressive vocals through the renowned San Francisco-based synthpop/synthwave act, FM-84. The second half of 2018 finds the man commencing on an admirable solo career, and coming up with a series of notable single releases, the latest of which is The Driver, featuring The Night Hour.

The song is a memorable charmer, unquestionably evocative of a strong eighties retro pop vibe, as much as  of a riper new wave approach, reminiscent of the sharp perfection in the later, more mature sound in the evolution of Depeche Mode, on albums such as Songs of Faith and Devotion.

As one of the genre's finest and hardest working vocalists, Ollie Wride is winning over audiences beyond synthwave and retro pop's boundaries, and with each new piece verifies the stylishness of his consistent, well-rounded art.

The sultry, fine looking accompanying video for the new single is directed by Brad A. Kinnan.

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